Friday, November 19, 2010

The Most Expensive House

Mukesh Ambani from India, built a house worth $ 1 billion. This is the most expensive private house in history. The construction of this 27-storey building, which now lives a family of six people, took seven years.

Its height is 60 floors of conventional buildings, but the ceilings are almost three times higher than normal, and therefore in the palace was built only 27 floors. The total area of 37,000 square meters.

Home Get a truly unique - there each room has its own exclusive design. In addition, here are a health club with gym, dance studio, ballroom, yoga studio, swimming pools, numerous bars and guest rooms, as well as a room where you can escape the Mumbai heat with the help of artificial snow .. The house has 9 lifts, and the roof are three helipads. On the upper floors of the mansion offers a spectacular view of Mumbai and the Arabian Sea. The first six floors has a garage for 160 cars. One of the floors are given over to home theater. Also, the building has two floors of "security" which meant, apparently to hide the family of billionaire in the event of an armed assault.



I really can't imagine such house...

Mukesh Ambani great man......
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